First-Year Advising

Your First Step to What's NEXT

We're committed to guiding you through your first year, helping you connect the dots between your major, your career, and what's NEXT.


Plan Your Academic Journey

Connect with a First-Year Advisor to map out your first-year journey. We offer personalized 30-minute sessions, drop-in planning, and self-guided planning.

Seek Quick Advising Help

Do you have a quick question? Our daily help desk is available for immediate, reliable advice on courses, policies, and questions about your first year.

Discover Your Best-Fit Major

Embrace your curiosity as you explore the nearly 100 majors Texas State offers. Engage with guided reflections, step-by-step plans, and interactive workshops.
First-Year Advisor meeting with first-year student

Our First-Year Advisors

Meet our First-Year Advisors, your trusted navigators for your first-year academic journey at Texas State.