First-Year Advising

Welcome, First-Year Bobcats

First-Year Advising provides innovative, comprehensive, and proactive academic advising and programs to first-year students at Texas State University.

Do you need quick assistance?

First-Year Advisors are available daily and can give you advice on your academics and help you with other tasks like updating your major, navigating your holds, adding or dropping a course, and more.
Student meeting with a First-Year Advisor
Advisor meeting with student in academic advising appointment

New Student Advising

All incoming first-year students must complete an Advising Experience before enrolling in courses. To be eligible to schedule an experience, students must focus on becoming Advising Ready.

Exploration Starts Here

Our Center provides personalized assistance in helping you explore your interests, discover our majors, and finally create and implement a plan that puts you on the path to graduation. 

Student and professor conducting research
PACE Academic Advisor meeting with first-year student

Our First-Year Advisors

Learn more about the academic advisors that are here to guide you through your first year at Texas State